Remedies To Reduce Split Ends

The main cause of split ends is over exposure of sun to the hair, pollution, dust and excessive chemicals while styling. Using scalding hot water while washing for hair and using harsh shampoos or too much serum and styling gels too frequently. Although very few people know and there are several kinds of hair splits and each has its own remedy. These splits can be generic at the end of the hair, split occurring at the middle of the hair strand which appears as a loop and repetitive splits occurring on the same strand.

Try avoiding paper scissors while cutting your hair at home. The edge of the paper scissors cause your hair to fray and give way to more split ends. Hair shears on the other hand are sharper and removes the split ends without any further damage to your hair. Eggs are a very important source of essential fatty acids and a huge number of proteins too and egg strengthens the roots as well as conditions your hair to get rid of split ends.

Papaya is a good source of natural amino acids, anti-oxidants and tons of necessary vitamins. Apply the goodness of this delicious fruit directly to your hair. Bananas are loaded with vitamins, essential minerals and they work wonders on split ends.

Mash up a banana with two tablespoons of yogurt and a little lime juice apply this mask on your hair for an hour before washing it off with cold water. Wash hair in cold water whenever possible. Use mild shampoos and natural conditioners on a regular basis. Towel dry your hair, but gently and avoid heat and chemicals whenever possible.


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