How To Maintain Health Food Habits?

Food we are taking is almost contaminated. Especially people who take junk food are in danger zone today. Healthiest food available in the world today is fresh, leafy vegetables and fruits. But they are treated with chemicals and pesticides for better look and sale. Unhealthy food attracts both elders and children. People who likes junk food; will not like to take other food; though it is healthy. But this is leading to serious health problems in long run; sometimes causes death too.

Food we should not eat:

Cheese, Burgers are available all over the world. It contains saturated fat, sodium, preservatives which are not at all good to our health. Taking this food in excess leads to obesity and heart diseases.

Cakes, biscuits, snacks contain refined flour. This effects metabolism, digestion. This accelerates hunger soon after taking.

Soda, sugar drinks are most favorite drinks for people of this generation. From a kid of 2 years, everyone is addicted to cool drinks which are flavored. But they have zero nutritional value. Taking them in more quantities leads to diabetics.

Ice creams have fat level in high number. Saturated fats, sugars, calories lead to accumulation of high saturated fats in tissue which leads to cardiac diseases.

In the era cultured poultry; pork, meat has been contaminated with antibiotics, chemicals, hormones which are being injected to the animals for their fast growth. The pesticides are being digested by animals, absorbed by fats. Salmonella bacteria are high in eggs which are cultured. So it’s better to place them in cold places.


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