Best & Amazing Benefits Of Lemons

So what do you know about lemon? Most of us know that it contains citric acid and we drink the juice during summer season. It is one of the tasty food which we intake to quench our thirst. But Lemons have more number of ‘beauty’ uses. They are beneficial for our Skin, Hair and even Nails.

Lemon Juice is an efficient and effective way to prevent and remove blackheads. Just take few drops of Lemon juice and gently apply it on your face every alternate day. We repeat, ‘Alternate day’.

Tired of using your normal moisturizer? Try to make a paste out of Honey and Lemon Juice. Apply it from your head to toe and add few drops of water if the paste is too thick.

Another combination is just mix the lemon juice with Fresh coconut water and uses it to wash face every morning. Just see how good and fresh your skin is. You can also get rid of those dark patches on knees, elbows and toes by rubbing a fresh lemon on them.


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