10 Amazing Things You Can Do Alone To Get Closer To Your Soul

Below are the 10 things to how to get closer to your soul.

How To Get Closer To Your Soul :

  1. Wake up early

I am not asking you to do so because I wanted you to exercise or something. It is because u  get to feel the early sun rays on your body and then onto your soul. This is the time when you are least disturbed by external influences. You will have plenty of time when you wake up early than you normally do and utilize this time to the fullest. Go on a nature walk or explore your surrounding places or your city. Early morning you get to see many wonderful glimpses of nature like a  pack of birds in the sky , many birds chirping , the freshness and aroma of the morning breeze and many more. You get attached and associated with mother nature much more and get to experience life a bit more.

  1. Spend time with yourself

Spending time with yourself is very important in your journey of getting closer to your soul. This is the tie when you will be able to analyse your own opportunities and threats. What is it that you really love to do? What are you passionate about? What is your self-image and how do you (on what basis) choose what you choose? What makes you happy? Assign this time to do all the required introspection. Pen down the realizations and plan further.

  1. Feeling grateful

Always have a habit of being grateful for what you have. I am not saying this as a part of LOA or to make you an LOA follower. I am saying this because when you feel grateful, you feel at ease and you will realize you are a deserving soul and you feel less anxious and your life becomes less stressful. Thus eventually you transform into a happier person. When you are happy you connect and identify yourself more with your soul than any other material things. So make a habit of being grateful and count your blessings.

  1. Listen to soulful music

This may vary from one individual to another. Listen to music which you feel can make you more lively (by lively I don’t mean a party person). Select your music such that it connects you with your soul and u feel completely immersed in your soul. There are lot of soulful collections out there. Go grab your own kind and tune into it.

  1. Learn a new thing

This may be a new dance style or a new musical instrument or rediscovering your forgotten insights. It may be writing, painting, cooking, gardening, reading, pottery, art, designing and many more. Rekindle your inner spark with a new discovered talent or continue with what you feel will make you a soulful person. Record your progress and don’t forget to feel proud of your new endeavour. Raise a pet or nurture a plant. This will help your soul connect with the soul of the nature. You feel a sense of belongingness when you nurture a plant and look after it or when you raise a pet and attend to its needs.

  1. Experience those subtleties and celebrate life

Connecting with yourself can be done when you will be able to identify yourself with the world you live in. By Identity I do not mean your name or your social status or any worldly thing. Do this by feeling how different and unique you are from the rest of the world and also how common you are with the rest of the world. Dance to your own tune and match your step with the rhythm that resonates the very YOU and distinguishes you from the rest of the world. Remember, always identify the way you are associated with the world and celebrate these subtle differences as well as the similarities. Live heart fully and remain in the state of bliss. Celebrate and experience your own subtleties. Celebrate your similarities as well as your uniqueness with other forms of life. Stay calm and away from all form of chimera. Be unstinting in your deeds and be a paragon of a leader. A leader of your own life. Celebrate the very existence called life.

  1. Trust the journey

Always trust your journey called life and never surrender to the setbacks or the victories. Remember that this journey is the most interesting thing and always try to enjoy the subtle episodes of joy that you experience. Make a habit of writing down or recording your journey. Don’t forget to add as many details as you can. Because these details are the one which make it YOUR life and always cherish your life. Do the retrospection. It may seem clichéd but during retrospection make sure you do not give in to the blame game and keep your mind away from the thoughts of regrets. Just close your eyes breathe in and trust your journey. Smile and enjoy your own beautiful movie called YOUR life!

  1. Nurture yourself

Nurture your own self by attending to the needs of your own SOUL and feeding your soul with constant positive thoughts, positive energy and rejuvenating it from time to time. Nurturing your soul is the essential step towards self-realization. Nurturing yourself is a powerful ritual that beholds a lot of positive energy and consciousness that eventually acquires a lot of importance in your path of self-realization.

  1. Travel

Travel around your own country or choose a destination elsewhere in the world if can afford to. Travel alone if possible or get associated with a group who are on a similar trip of connecting with self. You need to get associated with more spiritual people who have similar spiritual goals and can plan a spiritual vacation. This is very different from the normal vacation you take. This is intended to awaken your lost self and re-establish your lost bond with your own self. Make sure to travel to the most meaningful place. This may be a river side cottage or a religious shrine or a beach or any other place which your soul can feel at home. Try to choose a place which will be peaceful and serene.

  1. Meditate

The most important step in your process of connecting with yourself. Meditation connects you with the most unknown world (your own self) and tries to bridge the gap between your psyche and your own self.  You may choose any form of meditation which you are comfortable with. The essential part is keeping the process alive and meditating. Spare a few minutes every day and meditate. This helps you uncover many mysteries of your own self. This helps you heal and fills u up with a lot of positive energy. Select a calm place for meditation and just MEDITATE. This helps you the most in connecting with yourself.

PS: In this whole process of connecting with yourself make sure you stay away from negative people, self- doubt and negative influences.

May your all wishes be fulfilled.


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